Dimitry Rozental is a charismatic, multi-lingual, bicoastal actor and voice-over artist hailing from the vibrant city of Odessa, Ukraine.

On the small screen, Dimitry has left a lasting impression with recurring guest appearances alongside Titus Welliver in the acclaimed series ‘Bosch Legacy,’ as well as sharing the screen with James Patrick Stuart and Genie Francis in the iconic ‘General Hospital.’ His talent has also shone through in Amazon’s hit series ‘Hunters’.

Beyond television, Dimitry’s silver screen presence is equally impactful. He can be seen in the upcoming film ‘Dead Wrong,’ alongside Chet Hanks; portraying the enigmatic Victor in the comedy ‘Chindia’; embodying the character of Kamensky in ‘Karaganda,’ and battling a prehistoric shark in the adrenaline-pumping action-thriller ‘Megalodon’ (2018) on the SyFy Channel, starring Michael Madsen.

Venturing into the realm of video games, Dimitry has lent his voice to the highly praised ‘Starfield’ by Bethesda, METRO Exodus from 4A Games, and has been a vital part of the ‘Call of Duty’ franchise for over seven years, solidifying his position as a respected voice actor in the gaming community. Additionally, his narration skills shine as the Russian voice behind ‘Gigantosaurus: The Game’ from Disney and are featured in Sega’s Total War: Rome.

A favorite among up-and-coming directors, Dimitry gave a bone-chilling performance in ‘A Hero’s Journey’ and terrified audiences in the short thriller ‘Hide and Seek.’ He was invited to work on ‘Devil’s Fortune’ by Rubidium Wu, their second project together after the cinematic Neon Noir, and had a long-coveted opportunity to work with American Film Institute graduates in ‘Academy Boys.’ Equally adept at comedy, Dimitry shows his lighter side in the comedic web series ‘Crude’ and ‘City Limits’.

Supporting roles in festival favorites like ‘The Lost Sword,’ which screened at Oscar’s qualifying ‘Dances with Films’ Festival at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, ‘Shut Up and Run,’ a winner at the Canada Shorts Film Festival, and the highly praised WWII biographical short ‘Under Darkens,’ have further cemented his reputation as a versatile performer.

Dimitry is fluent in English, Russian, and Ukrainian. His flexible and expressive voice has made him a celebrated Russian voice-over artist in animation, gaming, narration, and dubbing. Notably, he’s the recipient of the esteemed EMEA SABRE award for his exceptional performance in ‘Anna Karenina: Live Edition,’ commissioned by Google. He played 37 different characters in the 2021 animated mini-series ‘Red Pawn’ written by Ayn Rand, and his portrayal of Vladimir in ‘The Breath of Life’ didn’t go unnoticed, with the film itself receiving 62 wins and 17 nominations. His most recent animation character can be seen in Mindy Kaling’s hilarious ‘Velma’ on HBO.

In 2016, Dimitry both directed and starred in a short VR presentation of Assassin’s Creed (Russia). His distinctive voice brings to life the character of Loki in the Russian version of ‘Rune: Ragnarok’ and the iconic biblical figure St. Peter in ‘The Book of Acts.’ Dimitry’s commercial skills have supported beloved brands like Apple, Harley Davidson, PUMA, UFC Sports, Volkswagen, Uber, Pepsi, Lay’s Chips, Rosetta Stone, and many more.

From humble beginnings in Eastern Europe, Dimitry was hand-picked to train with Chicago’s famed Theatre School at DePaul University (formerly the Goodman School of Drama) and California Institute of the Arts. During his studies, he collaborated with Broadway director Dexter Bullard, Henry Godinez of Goodman Theatre, Fran Bennett of CalArts, and award-winning playwright Carlos Murillo.

Outside of acting, his artistry extends to the production of electronic music which he performs all over the United States and beyond as Deep Tribe.

Dimitry’s immense gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with fellow artists illuminates the beauty of his life’s creative tapestry.