Based in Los Angeles, California, Dimitry Rozental is an experienced voiceover talent, dubbing, looping and ADR specialist, and seasoned language consultant and voice acting coach for Russian and English languages. Dimitry has worked on numerous worldwide recognized voice over productions over the past two decades. With extensive work in the field of television, film, radio and multimedia, he has built a successful career marrying precision with artistry.

Dimitry’s rich tone is perfect for animation and video games. He’s been featured in Activision’s “Call of Duty – Cold War” (2020) and “Call of Duty – Modern Warfare” (2019). His voice can be heard on HBO’s animated series “VELMA”, 4A Games’ “Metro: Exodus” (2019) where he played the character of Duke, “WW3” (2019), “Rune Ragnarok” (2018), and Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed” (2017). Dimitry has the unique gift of lifting story and character above language ensuring his client’s message is delivered to their audience. With each project, Dimitry’s goal is to deliver more than what is expected of him.

Dimitry received comprehensive voice and acting training from DePaul University (formerly Goodman School of Drama) earning his BFA in Acting. His native tongue is Russian but he also speaks Ukrainian, and English with a soft eastern European accent perfect for animation and video games. Dimitry honed his skills working on countless commercials, e-lessons, audiobooks, jingles, and presentations for corporate clients as well as dubbed films and documentaries.

His work as a radio host in Russia, Chicago, and Los Angeles for nearly a decade has enabled him to captivate an audience regardless of demographic. Dimitry has played pivotal roles in the success of many high caliber projects for Fortune 500 companies and brands like Google, Apple, Harley Davidson, PUMA, UFC, Volkswagen, Uber, Pepsi, Lay’s Chips, and Rosetta Stone. He was recently awarded the prestigious EMEA SABRE award for his work on Google’s “Anna Karenina: Live” and is featured as the Russian voice of the world-renowned “Rosetta Stone® – Language Learning Technology”.

He values positivity, honesty, responsibility, and intelligence. He brings these core values to any project he engages. Never afraid of hard work, Dimitry is committed to his development both as a person and an actor. In order to provide high quality voiceovers, he is constantly honing his skills. He believes learning as much as he can about his craft enables him to stay competitive in the rigorous field of voice-over.