General Hospital Recap July 28, 2023: Dante and Charlotte Visit Lulu

General Hospital Episode Recap, Cast List, and Spoilers for July 28, 2023: 

Spoilers for General Hospital on July 28, 2023: Laura and Valentin are on the hunt. Kristina visits Molly. Ava has new reason to worry. Trina advises Joss. Michael and Carly catch up.

General Hospital Episode Recap July 28, 2023:

Carly and Michael catch up, and he informs her about the dead body Dex discovered. Michael reveals that he still cares about Sonny, which makes Carly happy. She hugs him and departs. Later, Nina visits Michael and pleads with him to make amends for the sake of Willow. She asks if he is okay with her having a relationship with her daughter. Michael is willing to support whatever decision his wife makes. Kristina interrupts. Before she leaves, Nina begs Michael to give her a second chance.

Meanwhile, Josslyn meets Betty, who is surprised to learn that Josslyn is Avery’s older sister. Josslyn considers calling Sonny, but Trina advises against it, as it seems Dex may have already taken care of it. Trina seems distracted, and Josslyn asks why. Trina admits that she hasn’t heard from Spencer. In the absence of Trina, Josslyn confronts Dex, who confirms that Sonny asked him to keep an eye on Betty. He doesn’t know much, but he thinks it has something to do with Ava Jerome.

Esme asks Spencer if he heard from Laura. He is not too pleasant to her and later apologizes. He says he is more worried about Trina, whose father was shot and could also be paralyzed, and he has no idea how he can help her. Esme advises him to call her. He wishes he could but is afraid to do so given his talk with Portia. Trina shows up, and he is happy to see her. Esme leaves to check on Ace. Spencer asks her how she’s holding up. She says she is trying, but she’s worried about her mom and doesn’t know what to do for her. Spencer says he does; she should stay away from him. The last thing Trina wants is to let him go; she needs him. She doesn’t want to stay away from him, but it’s probably best to keep their relationship low-key for now.

Laura and Valentin go on the hunt. They encounter a man with a gun. As they inform him that they are searching for Nikolas Cassadine, he tells them to stay away from the Cassadines; they’re not good people. Laura explains that she is desperate to find Nikolas because he is her son. He wishes he had information, but he doesn’t. He advises them to show themselves out.

Kristina and Molly talk about the past. They recall what happened with Keifer. Molly apologizes for not pushing harder to get Kristina to open up back then. Kristina said ever since then she has tried to get her life back on track, but she hasn’t really been able to. She doesn’t know if she can help these kids, but Molly advises her that she can.

Charlotte and Dante visit Lulu. Dante leaves to give Charlotte a moment with her mom. Charlotte is tearful and emotional as she begs her mom to wake up and come back to her. She tells Lulu that she misses her. Dante observes from the window as Charlotte tears up and informs her mother that things have changed. She never shared with her pals what had occurred to her mother because it’s too difficult to admit it’s true.

Ava visits Sonny with questions about their daughter being with Betty. Sonny assures Ava that he will take care of everything and asks her to trust him. Betty brings Avery, and Sonny pays her for the day and dismisses her. Carly arrives and discovers Ava with Sonny. She takes Avery and leaves. Ava worries that Sonny will tell Carly that she killed Nikolas, but he promises that he won’t. He says Betty thinks she is spying on him, but it’s the other way around. She is going to lead him to whoever is behind this, and when he finds them, they’re not going to know what hit them.

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Contract and recurring cast appearing in this episode: Michael Easton (Finn), Rebecca Herbst(Liz), Josh Kelly (Cody),  Brooke Kerr (Portia), Sofia Mattson (Sasha), Kelly Monaco (Sam), Brook Anne Smith (Molly), Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Donnell Turner (Curtis), Kristina Wagner (Felicia), Cynthia Watros (Nina), Laura Wright (Carly), Dominic Zomprogna (Dante), Bonnie Burroughs (Gladys), Eden Harker (Georgie), Gary James Fuller (James), Darin Toonder (Dr. Montague), and John J York (Mac).

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